Victoria Area
Hello: I have rarely shopped retail since moving to Victoria BC from Edmonton, Alberta. I used to buy most of my clothes at Sears Canada in Edmonton, plus consignment stores and yes Value Village and Salvation Army. Since arriving in Victoria four years ago, I have complained bitterly about the lack of decent women's clothing for style, larger sizing and reasonable pricing. Last week I was helping a friend who takes an XL to XXL to shop for clothes for her river cruise. This lady rarely and I mean rarely shops retail! We shopped on several occasions in the last two weeks, at Hillside with Christine and Broadmead with Pam, then on to Langford with Linda and finally at Sidney with Debra. All of these ladies where superb and helped both of us locate many, many outfits for both casual and semi-formal wear. Frist off the clothes are wonderful quality, decent pricing especially with the ' Get One Top, Buy the Next Top at 50% Off' and we both especially appreciated to see clothing MADE IN CANADA at your store. After Sears closed down I was so upset, but now I have a new favorite place to shop again. The reason we "FOUND: your store is a friend recommended a ladies shop in Broadmead. That shop no longer existed and that is how we stumbled onto your retail outlet and found out about your multiple locations around Victoria and also in Duncan. Bless you all, service and pricing like the old days when shopping was fun.