Kelowna (Spall)
I’d like to send out a huge rave with regards to your employee Kerry B, from store in Kelowna, BC.(Spall Centre) Kerry went so above and beyond normal services, she should be rewarded and recognised for making my sons wedding a special day for me. I needed a skirt, had found the western boots already and the top at Suzanne’s that day but needed a skirt. Nothing at Suzanne’s fit the image of country and western in the skirt section. However, Kerry had exactly what I needed, in her own closet, which was last years line from Suzanne’s. She made arrangements for me to borrow her skirt as well as any accessories that she could possibly see would suit the outfit. Kerry had met me several times shopping in Penticton but I was still just a customer. Yet she still went way out of her way to make sure I had all I needed for my special day of my sons wedding. Who does that. I was never more in awe and impressed. Clerks at Suzanne’s do a great job mostly, but lending them items from their own Suzanne’s closet is most definitely above and beyond. Hats off for the best customer service I have had in a long time. Thank you in advance for recognising Kerry for her huge efforts.